Month: October 2018

12 Oct 2018
Desktop, Axongre, Work space, Creative agency

How relevant is a personal website? Explained in less than 250 words

Consumers in the early 2000’s spoke simply. “I am here. Consume me.”, they said. There is an insane amount of content on the internet and consumer attention graphs are changing rapidly. People are more inpatient and say “I will buy it, if you know how to speak to me.” This is why content exists on […]

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01 Oct 2018
Mobile application development

Cost-effective Mobile App Development is Possible

We understand that your business is looking to be cost effective. And you are probably reading this because you need a mobile application. Mobile apps sound pretty expensive but we are here to tell you it’s really not. You will reap the right fruit from your investment. Mobile apps market is exploding and will be […]

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