01 Oct 2018
Mobile application development

Cost-effective Mobile App Development is Possible

We understand that your business is looking to be cost effective. And you are probably reading this because you need a mobile application. Mobile apps sound pretty expensive but we are here to tell you it’s really not. You will reap the right fruit from your investment.

Mobile apps market is exploding and will be 5 times higher than what it is today, as per Gartner.

We have come across issues that enterprises face, such as certain price restrictions, when getting their apps built. So we have discovered ways in how you can address the root problems.


Know your platform

Use the most efficient platforms and frameworks to make the development process faster. Ever heard of Cross platform and Hybrid development ?

Cross platform mobile development uses the same codebase across multiple OSs. It allows companies to leverage their resources by creating a single app that only requires minimal adjustments for every device.
Companies can also develop mobile web apps. These apps are basically mobile-optimized websites that offer an app like experience.

These apps are very cheap and easy to develop, and offer a great user experience. They are platform agnostic and optimize the overall mobile experience. They are ideal for blogs and publishing companies. Forbes and The Washington Post for instance.


Reduce ‘time-to-market’ by employing skilled designers and developers to ensure smooth functioning of the app.

Don’t take the risk of building the app on your own because chances are that you don’t have the expertise required. You will just say bye-bye to money and time realising that it is not working properly.

Let developers and design do the work for you. You will have a user friendly mobile application with handsome creatives.


Content Reuse

Use the same content if your business is using more than one app. It saves time and content development costs. For instance, if you have come up with content for the ‘Sign Up’ page on your app, you can reuse this content on the second app.

In a smart manner of course. Don’t reuse the content till both applications start looking alike.


Connect the entire enterprise system with the app

Sharing business data that includes information about your clients, employees, and projects might seem risky. That is why system security is important. Securing the application with frameworks and and technologies can be costly, but it will save you a lot of dollars later.

A connected system will help you reach your staff easily and quickly.

Mobile applications are a convenient way for your audience to reach your business from wherever they may be. It provides value to your customers. The world is going mobile and what better way to reach them directly other than a mobile application.


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