12 Oct 2018
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How relevant is a personal website? Explained in less than 250 words

Consumers in the early 2000’s spoke simply. “I am here. Consume me.”, they said. There is an insane amount of content on the internet and consumer attention graphs are changing rapidly. People are more inpatient and say “I will buy it, if you know how to speak to me.” This is why content exists on websites, social media and practically everywhere. To grab the attention of people.


Grabbing attention of your audience is harder than ever and businesses are using social media platforms to get closer to their prospects. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become a kind of rental for businesses to bring in leads. But then where do you fit personal websites into?


Websites are just as powerful as any other social media platform. This is because of the very fact that you can control them. You control the content and the strategy. Your website is impermeable to changes in other platforms. Organic reach is diminishing? No worries. You control the content and the strategy. How does social media fit into this?


Social media should act as the multiple pathways that lead prospects to your website, the home. People want to consume. Their willingness to leave social media platforms are going down and you have to be smart to get them to click. Very smart.


Never abandon your personal website. Instead, run tests on social and learn consumer behaviour to direct leads to your website.


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