21 Aug 2018

How a Website Becomes an Effective Digital Marketing Tool

Websites have the power to become an effective digital marketing tool for conversions. With the right tactics, any business is able to attract qualified prospects and convert to leads.

According to the Conversion Code written by Chris Smith, the average attention span of a human plummeted down to 8 seconds since the year 2000. If you can’t make an impact in 8 seconds or less, your website visitor will move onto the next adorable cat photo they find. With digital marketing, every second counts.

Here are two basic ways on how you can grasp your visitor and lead them on to becoming promoters.


Website Design and Creatives

The act of establishing your online presence doesn’t stop by creating a basic website for your company. One of the most basic elements that make up your online identity is your website design. Your website design is what a visitor will create an impression of first before the website’s content. If your website is visually cluttered with too much creatives and content, you could say ‘adios’ to your potential customer.

An impressive user interface equals more propensity for conversions, leading to better business outcomes. Readers tend to remember the message your business is trying to portray when it is concise and something they can identify with. Hello customers!


SEO Friendly Content

Creating content on your website for the sake of it is not great marketing. With thorough keyword research, you will be revealed to what people in your target audience are looking for. In digital marketing, Keywords help boost your website content closer to the prospect looking to solve a problem. And if you nailed it, chances are your customer will come back to you when they are in the market for what you have to offer.

Content helps provide value to your audience, while keeping your business in front of them without pushing a hard sell. The more optimized and attractive the content on your website is, the more prospects you reach and the more leads you convert to customers.

The internet has become a tool that we have become so used to, we don’t realize the gravity of it. Websites, whether it is for transactions or to create awareness, have become an integral part of the buyer’s journey. Therefore, if you need a website, we can work together today to build your online presence here.