03 Sep 2018
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Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Getting your website up and running is a great first step towards building an online presence for your brand and business. Once your website is live, your job is not done.

Your website is a worldwide window into your business and it can have a big impact on how the value of your product or service is perceived. A well-maintained website is critical for real-time service industries.

All businesses and brands need basic website maintenance to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings and update new content, products and services to the public.
Website maintenance is also required to maintain the value of the website over time.

Customers !! Customers !! Customers !!

A well-maintained website attracts new customers and maintains the interest levels of existing customers. Customers love new content, Your website should be customer centered and kept relevant by routinely updating new content and ensuring that customer contact points are in good working order. Routinely check that contact forms work, address and phone number listings are updated and products, services and price lists are current and correct.

Search Engines

Website maintenance is the most important thing when it comes to search-engine rankings. Websites with old content rank lower in search engine listings. Some search engines, including Google, Google bots don’t like to crawl through the same old content. Failing to make frequent modifications could cause you to be pushed below active competitors in the listings and cost you business over time.

Business Image

Your website is a public reflection of your Business and Brand image. A poorly maintained website with outdated information will give a sloppy corporate image and can cause business to decline over time. Frequently examine the look and feel of your website and update it to match your corporate image and design trends. Check and fix errors, software updates and content preferably before a customer brings them to your attention.


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