23 Sep 2018

Will digital marketing ever rule the marketing industry?

Everything is going digital, faster than the world anticipated. I saw on the internet that there is a machine that delivers our thoughts onto computer. I think it was an Elon Musk interview. Crazy. This movement didn’t forget the marketing industry. Ever been bombarded by pop up ads visiting a site? Or ever found an ad following you wherever you go? It’s digital marketing.

Traditional marketing methods included television advertising, newspaper advertisements and radio which were effective enough back in the day. However, the world is changing and you should too.

Both traditional marketing and digital marketing play an important role in every marketing strategy. Seems that nowadays, digital marketing is showing up to be more effective than the other. It is justifiable, considering the number of people on devices currently. Digital marketing provides real time tracking of what works and what does not work so that you can optimize your efforts.

Traditional marketing methods are easy to understand and we’ve used them for decades, and we still do to this day. If you watch the Super Bowl, you will see billboards on companies targeting the mass markets like Doritos or Pepsi. These ways allow you to capture a large audience quite rapidly. However, it depends on how large your marketing budget is.

Digital marketing allows you to target customers specifically. This is most suited for niches looking to expand their clientele or influence audiences. Then again, everyone’s on social media and there is no reason why a massive company like Coca Cola shouldn’t.

Digital marketing often produces a higher return on their marketing investment as prospects can be converted into promoters of the brand. Marketing is kind of like a psychology. You create repeated awareness till you create a certain space in the consumers’ minds. Then target and conduct a series of pilot tests to learn who your target customers are.

A recent survey of 295 CMOs indicated that 4 of the top 5 marketing channels for ROI were digital marketing channels. What were they?

  • Email marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Content Marketing

  • Paid Search (PPC)

If your company’s marketing strategy does not include these channels, consider them. Other promising digital channels have emerged this year that are worth considering – Facebook Messenger ads and LinkedIn advertising can also provide strong return on investment.

The amount of content on the internet is increasing with the change in people’s wants. This change includes more marketers understanding social media algorithms, in order to target effectively.

Businesses could remain unnoticed without their involvement in online marketing, considering the type of audiences we are catering to today. Digital marketing could be on its way to take over the marketing industry. Advancements in digital marketing could remove the requirement of digital marketers in the industry. We will discuss that later.


Every business breathing in the digital marketing world is very determined to have a strong social media presence. A social media presence is a must have for a business that aims to prosper online aggressively. And the start to it is to make yourself present online. How do you do that, you might ask? A website.